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About us

Our Philosophy

Riviera wedding and corporate receptions is an idyllic wedding venue and our team of experts will ensure that your day is truly memorable.

We're able to cater from 50 to 700 guests, so whether you're looking for something intimate and romantic or of a grand and breathtaking scale, we have something to offer you.

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We pride ourselves on our professional approach and our dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator will be delighted to help you make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that your special day is unforgettable.

Your happiness is our top priority

Over 40 years of Experience and Dedication.

Impeccable quality food prepared by our own gourmet Chefs.

Warmth and Hospitality in our Villa style setting.

4 beautiful halls with 50 to 700 guest capacity.

Riviera caters to all occasions, social events and corporate functions.